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Former St. Marys High School site

All images and video courtesy of Mark Radcliff.



309 Second Street

St. Marys, WV 26170

Pleasants Area Chamber of Commerce 


(304) 684.9909

All images and video courtesy of Mark Radcliff.

     This uniquely- situated property is perfectly-suited for a commercial business complex.  It is located in the heart of St. Marys, West Virginia – a quaint, historic river town. The property is currently owned by the Pleasants County Development Authority.
     Sitting at the busy intersection of WV Route 16 and WV Route 2, travelled by just under 20,000 per day,  the property lies about twenty minutes from two major interstate highways in West Virginia, I-50 & I-77.  
     Pleasants County, with the City of Saint Mary as it’s county seat, is composed of blended urban and rural areas and is blessed with a robust and available work force.  There is easy access to all major means of transportation,  including rail, ground, river and air.The County has a population of  7,460, but 65,089 more people live within a 20 mile radius.